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Total Loss Claim and
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Dollars Back on Your Claim

Have you had your vehicle declared a Total Loss by an insurance company after an accident claim? Do you know what that means? It means that the damages to your car will cost more than 70-90% (depending on the insurance company) of your vehicle’s fair market value. The insurance company will end up paying less to replace your vehicle than to repair it.

By law, the insurance company can make this important decision and you have little control over it. What you can control is how much they pay you for your vehicle replacement value, despite what a claim adjuster may have told you.

Caution Tip #1:
Never accept the
first settlement offer!

The Art of Negotiating a Total Loss by Jake Maxwell, a career claims adjuster, will give you the know how and the strategies to beat the insurance company at their own game. Jake will teach you how to evaluate the insurance vehicle value appraisal that was done on your vehicle and tell the insurance company where they are wrong.

Learn to put the ball solidly in your court, and in the process,
put more money in your pocket.

Why order the Art of Negotiating a Total Loss?

  • You’ll get the inside scoop on what insurance adjusters don’t want you to know.
  • Learn how to prove the true value of your vehicle.
  • Know whether or not you’re entitled to Diminished Value and what that is.
  • With a few phone calls and a little leg work, you can increase the value of your claim by $100′s or even $1000′s of dollars!

Jake knows what he is talking about!

After a terrible broadside crash on a snowy day, the insurance company totaled our Jeep and offered $3700 for it the day after the appraisal. We followed Jake’s advice and researched replacements in the area, and made sure the insurance company had all our vehicle options and conditions correct. After a single phone call, they came back and offered us just shy of $5000! Thank you Jake!

- Ben

Caution Tip #2:
Don’t settle your
total loss claim
without this guide!

Some more insights you’ll learn throughout this valuable guide:

Negotiation is a business transaction and is never personal to an insurance company and it needs to be the same for you.

If you have been a long term customer of the insurance company, this may be in your favor. It is “cheaper” for them to keep you than to replace you.

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